Phoenix Bar

Celebrating 20 Years as The Premiere Gay Bar of the East Village

The Phoenix, originally established as The Bar in 1999, rose from from the ashes after a fire devastated the mainstay dive watering hole. The Phoenix has a strong tradition of catering to a diverse and trendy crowd, and has become a gay institution in the east village. Change is a constant in life, and The Phoenix has not shied from its own evolution. Receiving accolades including having the best jukebox in the city, to being a fashion insiders party, and even as an avante grade performance venue, The Phoenix has never closed its mind after opening its door. With new management, and a renovated interior, the bar has transformed from “go-to dive” to “be seen at destination”.  Surviving blackouts, hurricanes, and crises in between, the bar has never shuttered, striving to serve a community and neighborhood it holds more dear than the strong drinks poured every night.

2016 Phoenix Emmys Drinking Game

  1. Finish your first drink before Jimmy Kimmel is done with his monologue. 
  2. Take a drink anytime someone mentions Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton
  3. Drink anytime someone cries during a speech
  4. Couples drink anytime someone thanks a spouse
  5. Drink when a first time nominee wins
  6. Drink anytime someone thanks god
  7. Take a shot if Ellie Kempler wins
  8. Drink whenever a former child star wins.
  9. Toast everyone in the bar whenever a Netflix show wins. 
  10. Finish your drink if Julia Louis Dreyfus wins.