Phoenix Bar

Celebrating 20 Years as The Premiere Gay Bar of the East Village

The Phoenix, originally established as The Bar in 1999, rose from from the ashes after a fire devastated the mainstay dive watering hole. The Phoenix has a strong tradition of catering to a diverse and trendy crowd, and has become a gay institution in the east village. Change is a constant in life, and The Phoenix has not shied from its own evolution. Receiving accolades including having the best jukebox in the city, to being a fashion insiders party, and even as an avante grade performance venue, The Phoenix has never closed its mind after opening its door. With new management, and a renovated interior, the bar has transformed from “go-to dive” to “be seen at destination”.  Surviving blackouts, hurricanes, and crises in between, the bar has never shuttered, striving to serve a community and neighborhood it holds more dear than the strong drinks poured every night.

Working Girl Drinking Game


Drink Every Time:

  1. Anyone is shown in bra/panties
  2. Anyone says "mergers and acquisitions"
  3. Katherine gives anyone an order
  4. Anyone is referred to by their full name
  5. Anyone says "secretary"
  6. A phone call is made/received

Want to get wasted?

Every time anyone says "Trask".